BOSTON -- The Red Sox and veteran free-agent catcher A.J Pie have agreed in principle on a one-year contract.

The deal is close to being finalized, a source said Tuesday morning. Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com was the first to report the agreement between the Red Sox and the 36-year-old Pierzynski, a 16-year veteran who played for the Rangers last season.

The Red Sox have not commented on or confirmed the agreement.

Pierzynski, a left-handed batter, hit .272 with 17 home runs and 70 RBIs in 134 games for Texas. He caught in 119 games, starting 111 of them. He has a .283 batting average with 172 homers and 800 RBIs in his career, which began with the Twins in 1998 and included eight seasons with the White Sox, for whom he played before signing with the Rangers last offseason.

Boston's incumbent catcher, Jarrid Saltalamacchia, is a free agent. The Red Sox were known to be seeking a short-term deal with a catcher, as they have prospects Blake Swihart and Christian Vazquez coming up through their system.

Two other top-flight catchers,Brian McCann and Carlos Ruiz have come off the free-agent market. McCann agreed to a five-year deal with the Yankees and Ruiz re-signed for three years with the Phillies.  



紅襪同意自由球員老將 A.J Pierzynski 報導將會在美國時間週二早上宣佈


這位去年在遊騎兵的左打捕手,在134場比賽中繳出2成72打擊率 17支HR和70分打點

在134場出賽中蹲捕了119場 111場先發

生涯的打擊率是 2成83 172支HR和800分打點 (在雙城、白襪及遊騎兵的總合)


好讓農場的新秀 BLAKE和 CHRISTIN還有時間能磨練可以銜接上BOSTON主戰捕手的位置

當然紅襪也考慮過 McCann和 Ruiz




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